Coed Open is fast paced and super fun.  Ladies goals count for two and the guys just have to keep up.  This League is for 17 years old and up so Moms, Dads and the (adult) kids can all play together.

  • games on Thursdays
  • Mens Over 40  
  • ​8 regular season games

Forest Moons

Fundemental Skills

This is a repetition technique

Sole Roll, Sole Stop

Wednesday Night

Yellow Belt Techniques

Forest Moons

Fundemental Skills


A family that plays together, stays together.  Where else can you play organized sports with your kids.  Many of play with our kids as they grow up, in our Wednesday night league, you can play with them again all grown up.  This is a fast paced competitive league.

  • games on Wednesdays
  • Competitive league 
  • ​Ages 17 and older
  • ​8 regular season games

Forest Moons

thursday Night


Men's 040 league.  This may be our senior group but it is one of our most competitive leagues.  It is a recreational league, we all have to go to work the next day, but we have some of the most skilled players on Thursday nights.  

Soccer is Life

Faith Family Futbol